The Zurich Agreement

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In your message, you also insist on Turkey`s obligation, in accordance with the provisions of the Treaty, to consult the other two guarantor powers before taking unilateral measures. Turkey is fully aware of this obligation. Over the past six months, we have indeed met the requirements of this commitment. But Greece has not only thwarted all of Turkey`s attempts to jointly seek ways to deter Greek Cypriots from rejecting international treaties, but it has also supported and even encouraged their illegal and inhumane acts. The Greek Government itself has not hesitated to declare publicly that the international agreements it has signed with us are no longer in force. Several examples of this have been widely communicated in good time to their Ministries of Foreign Affairs, both orally and in writing. We have also fulfilled our commitment to ongoing consultation with the Government of the United Kingdom, the other guarantor power. In several cases, we have, together with the United Kingdom Government, intercepted the Greek Cypriots in order to restore constitutional order. Unfortunately, these statements were unnecessary because of the negative attitude of the Greek Cypriot authorities. As you can see, Turkey has seriously considered any path of continued consultation and joint action with the other two guarantor powers. In the end, it is not possible to assert that Turkey did not comply with its obligation to consult the other two guarantor powers before taking unilateral measures.

I do it to you, Mr President. The Group of the European Communities is right and I hope that the Commission will be able to question the Commission and that it will be at your disposal, and that it is able to draw the Commission`s attention to its duty of consultation, which it has seriously and faithfully fulfilled, Greece should not have recalled the need to respect the pacta sunt servanda commandment, which is the fundamental rule of international law. This imperative, which only two weeks ago was most eloquently regarded as a basis for survival by your Foreign Minister himself in his speech to the American Law Institute, is today totally and despised by Greece, our NATO ally and the Greek Cypriots. 2. This provision is provided for in the Agreement on (i) the protection of the fundamental human rights of the various Communities in Cyprus; (II) the protection of the interests of members of the civil service in Cyprus; (III) the determination of the nationality of the persons concerned by the scheme; (iv) the assumption by the Republic of Cyprus of the corresponding commitments of the current Government of Cyprus, including the settlement of claims. The chiefs and deputy chiefs of the armed forces, gendarmerie and police are appointed by mutual agreement between the President and the Vice-President of the Republic. One of these spirits must be Turkish and if the chief belongs to one of the communities, the deputy chief belongs to the others. The agreements seriously restrict the country`s sovereignty and exacerbate tensions between the Greek and Turkish communities in Cyprus. They triggered a series of internal political crises in Cyprus and weighed on Greek-Turkish relations. The Cypriot democratic forces demanded that the Cypriots themselves resolve the problems created by the agreements and called for an end to the interference of foreign powers in Cypriot affairs.

At the end of a conference held in Zurich on 11 February 1959, an agreement was reached between Greece and Turkey on a settlement plan. On 19 February, following a conference in London attended by representatives of Greece, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the two Cypriot communities, an agreement was signed for the final settlement of the Cyprus dispute. Legislative power is vested in the House of Representatives which, for a period of 5 years, is elected by universal suffrage of each Community separately in proportion to 70 per cent for the Greek community and 30 per cent for the Turkish community, this proportion being determined independently of statistical data (no. . .