Service Level Agreement In Spanish

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We are passionate about providing excellent service and are committed to the next level of service. All we ask for in return is simple things. If no instructions are given, the translator will use his best professional judgment when completing your translation. If the quality does not meet the required level due to an inaccurate customer specification, STAR changes are calculated at an hourly rate. Please inform us of “all your requirements” before starting the translation, to avoid any reworking or any other costs. Let us know if you are going to have someone`s translation checked in your company. If you send us after the DTP job translation return is complete, implementing these changes is a lot of extra work. We calculate this type of post-work at STAR hour rates. If you need to correct errors in your comments, STAR will correct them, update the translation and update our translation memory in order to preserve quality.

These updates are calculated by STAR at an hourly rate. Once a project is completed, STAR archives it into our backup systems. If we then need to reopen a late return project, these changes are charged by STAR at an hourly rate. These sentences come from external sources and may not be correct. is not responsible for their content. If you have specific terminology you`d like to use, let us know before you start. We can then share them with our translators. If you do not give us terminology, STAR will translate with our best professional judgment and experience. From time to time, your preferred terminology does not match the terms we choose.

This can be displayed during your verification. If you change the conditions after the final delivery, these changes are calculated by STAR at an hourly rate, as we have to do additional work to provide it. If your comments/edits contain spelling mistakes, use new content, unauthorized terminology, or add new content from the original text, this means extra work for STAR, as we need to solve these issues. In this case, these changes are calculated by STAR at an hourly rate. For translation, we need correct and complete source files. This includes all associated assets, such as fonts and images. We need your images so that we can properly see your products and diagrams during translation. This also means that we can create the final layout of the file. If we have everything, we can produce print-ready files in any language. It is important to do this correctly at the beginning to make the process easy. This avoids additional costs during translation when files change.

All returns to STAR must be accurate and in a digital format that is easy to read and usable. If you give feedback, you give examples of at least some of the issues that need to be addressed. Statements such as, it is a “bad translation” or it is a “machine translation”, do not contain enough information to provide a satisfactory solution. Document any specific local requirements you have and communicate with us before you start the translation (for example. B if the translation message is adapted to a particular local market or need). Other translations in the Norwegian-English dictionary. If the client wants changes after the final delivery of the project, these changes must be introduced consistently within the project and with previous projects. It must have correct spelling, grammar, correct punctuation and be faithful to the original source code. These updates are calculated by STAR at an hourly rate, as all verification steps during the project should have been performed as described above.. .

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