Section 38 Agreements

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Copies of the agreements referred to in Article 38 may be obtained from the competent department of the district or district council. Visit the website in section 38 of the agreement to learn more. We charge a fee to reflect management and copying fees. A Section 38 agreement is a section of the 1980 motorway that allows developers to enter into a legal agreement with the local motorway authority to take over and maintain new motorway infrastructure at public cost. Please note that due to large projects related to the legal agreement, it is generally not possible to provide copies of these documents electronically. It may take you up to 7 business days for copy contracts to be made available to you upon receipt of payment. An article 38 agreement should be concluded and presented by the labour supporter. Once a new road has been built in accordance with the standards of section 38, it is usually maintained publicly. A usual way to create new motorways is an agreement between the developers and the local motorway authority, Salford City Council, in accordance with section 38 of the Highway Act 1980. These agreements are most often concluded with housing agencies that agree to build the roads according to the standards set by the motorway authority.

In exchange, Salford City Council agreed to take the streets and then keep them as a public road. However, until a route is accepted, it remains private and under the responsibility of the developer/owner. A developer may complete the construction of a road and then propose it to the motorway authority in accordance with section 37 of the Highways Act 1980, but S38 is more desirable, as the Commission does not have the power to insist that a road comply with the approved standard or that it be subsequently proposed for adoption. However, if an S38 agreement is reached before the start of the work, the municipal council will be able to ensure that it will be built, lit and drained according to the corresponding standards. A Section 38 (or S38) agreement is a section of the 1980 highway that can be used when a developer proposes the construction of a new road for residential, industrial or general traffic, which can be proposed to the road authority for adoption as a public highway. If you are selling your home and live on an unpaved street, the buyer`s lawyer will ask for a copy of clause 38 (if applicable). An agreement under Article 38 should be concluded and submitted by the proponent. For agreements in Nottingham City, contact Nottingham City Council.

If we receive a request, we will check the legal agreements relating to the property and inform you of the cost of providing these copies. A Section 38 (or S38) agreement is a section of the Highways Act 1980, which can be used when a developer proposes to build a new land road for residential, industrial or multi-purpose transportation, which can be offered to the highway for adoption as a public highway. For more information, see the section 38 agreement website. Copies of the above agreements are managed by LGSS Law (the legal service providers of Northamptonshire Highways). Once an agreement has been reached under Section 38, the developer must work under a number of conditions, conditions and deadlines….