Contract Pilot Services Agreement

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I, the pilot signed in Command, I am here exclusively on a voluntary basis. I make my time and services available without expecting a new payment. The terms used in this Agreement and in the appendiceal calendars with an initial capital letter have the meanings set out below. Terms which are used in this Agreement and in the schedules with an initial capital letter, but which are not defined below, shall, when defined in Appendix A to the ISO Tariff, have the meanings defined therein. The singular contains the plural and vice versa. “Includes” or “including” means “including, but not limited.” References to a Section, Article or Annex shall be construed as a Section, Article or Annex to this Agreement, unless another Agreement or instrument is established. Unless the context indicates otherwise, references to a Statute shall be deemed to be references to this Act, as amended, replaced or adapted from time to time. Unless the context requires otherwise, any reference to a “person” includes any person, partnership, undertaking, corporation, entity, joint venture, trust, association, organization or other entity, in any event, whether or not such agreement between Air Atlantic is hereinafter referred to and whether the pilots of the Air Atlantic service, represented by the Air Atlantic Pilots Association, are completed and completed or not. hereinafter referred to as the association`. This Agreement replaces and supersedes all prior agreements and has entered into force this Pilot Agreement (“Agreement” or “PILOT AGREEMENT”) dated February 15 On February 22, 2016, it is entered into by and between the DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY OF BULLOCH COUNTY, a public entity established and existing in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the State of Georgia (the “Authority”) and ASPEN AEROGELS. INC., a Delaware corporation (the “Company”), to prove its agreements as parties to the treaty. Bulloch COUNTY, GEORGIA (the “County”), the City of STATESBORO, GEORGIA (the “City”) and the BOARD OF TAX ASSESSORS OF BULLOCH COUNTY (the “Board of Assessors”) each have a confirmation appended to this Agreement to recognize their agreement to the provisions of this Agreement applicable to them.

THIS PILOT AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”), dated 1st.