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Western New England University is committed to providing students with disabilities and illnesses with a safe environment to live and study. It is the student`s responsibility to inform the Student Disability Services Office about the nature of their disability and the desire to obtain special accommodation. The amount of aid is set individually and depends entirely on the individual need. It is between 100 and 615 euros per month; One-off study aids (minimum rate of 250 euros) are possible with particular rigour. No right to help, as available resources are limited each year. As soon as you return via Mobility Online, please write an experience report for the following students and give your testimony to the International Office. In addition to classical studies abroad or internship abroad, it is also possible to have a summer school (usually 3 – 8 weeks) abroad. A summer school usually combines specialized courses, language courses and information about land and culture. Often, excursions are part of it. If you are a new transfer student or a first-year student who is asking you to be accommodated in sophomore/upper class, always complete a housing application in our online THD system, but you will complete the new Transfer – Exchange Student Housing app.

Once you complete the application, Residence Life will work to place you in the apartment based on availability and your year of age/class.