Scooter Rental Agreement Form

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The loading power in the vehicle at the time the vehicle is put into service by the driver is not guaranteed and varies depending on the use of the rental. You understand and accept that all personal data that mooScooters possesses and refers to Riders, including all names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, passwords, payment information and other information, is kept by MooScooters under in accordance with its privacy policy. We are happy to publish our equipment rental contract for free and are licensed to allow any rental of cars, motorcycles or bikes to take advantage of this contract. 3.5 Restrictions on vehicle rentals. Rider agrees that MooScooters is no ordinary carrier. Alternative public and private transport is available to the general public and rider individually, including public buses and trains, taxis and pedestrians. MooScooters only provides vehicles as convenience and this availability is reserved for individuals who are able and qualified to operate a vehicle alone and who have accepted all the terms of this Agreement. The services offered by MooScooters include (1) the MooScooters mobile application and the associated website, (2) MooScooters Electric Vehicles (“vehicles”), (3) discretionary physical loading of the vehicle by the driver, in accordance with Section 1.15 below, and (4) all other devices, employees, services, applications, websites and information provided or provided by MooScooters (together the “MooScooters Services”). In order to avoid any doubt and to the widest possible extent permitted by law, you hereafter acknowledge and acknowledge that we and all other released parties are not liable or responsible for claims arising from (i) your violation of this Agreement or your violation of the law, (iv) any fault or other action or inaction on your part or (v) your inability to wear a helmet while using the services.

You herehey waive any claim for any of the above reasons, including claims based on contractual, unlawful, legal or other grounds, even though we have been informed of the possibility of such claims.