Master Service Agreement Australia

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As such, you might want to have a broad “head agreement” that your customers sign. They will then be linked to these conditions for all future projects. “Services” refers to all intralink exchanges, VIA Intralinks, Intralinks website functions, software, application programming interfaces, systems provided or accessible through media or devices, support, additional services and any associated materials and documentation made available to the customer by or on behalf of Intralinks in accordance with this agreement. For service providers, a well-developed Master Service Agreement (MSA) guarantees your revenue flow and protects your liability. For customers, a robust MSA can ensure you have the right services at the right time. It will also ensure that you have recourse if your service provider does not meet the standard you need. (e) full agreement. This agreement contains the full, comprehensive and exclusive agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement. This agreement replaces all agreements, agreements, assurances, guarantees, proposals, proposals and negotiations, if any, relating to the purpose of this agreement. There may be a lot of time to negotiate a master service contract, but it is always good to have a well-developed suspension or termination clause to minimize losses on both sides. (a) communications. Unless otherwise stated, all communications, requests, requests or consents under this Agreement must be written and personally sent by authenticated mail to the addresses of the parties in this Agreement or by e-mail.

Intralink communications are forwarded to the General Council or the (a) The customer agrees to pay intralink fees and other costs in accordance with each order. Intralink links may charge the customer a separate fee for services that are not listed in the work orders (including, but not limited to, additional exchanges, new service functions, consulting, programming and integration services), provided the client has previously writtenly approved these additional services and related costs. All fees and royalties must be paid in the currency used in the employment contract concerned. Unless expressly stated otherwise, not all payment obligations are cancellable and the fees paid are not refundable. Unless otherwise agreed in an employment contract, all fees and taxes must be paid to Intralinks upon receipt of the invoice.