Wedding Agreement Wattpad Bab 1

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They play all day, almost every adrenaline-provocative trip they try to make. Eventually, Bian took his wife on the Ferris wheel. The stars are already visible in the darkness of the night. You can see the Jakarta lights from above. It`s over for the version of Cerbungnya ya, for more details are published in the Novel Wedding Agreement alhamdulilah has been published, please contact the author 🙂 Cerbungnya already deleted the author seems mbk, basrusan I check was deleted 🙂 When`s the next chapter,,??? I can`t wait for the end of the dance to breathe deeply. That`s right. He can`t go down. After all night she cried and tried to think, she finally decided. “I must be alone,” Tari says, stuttering.

His heart is racing. He can even hear his pulse strong. Mr. Mike, come with a glass of coffea in your hand. Bian`s visiting. He knows where it`s going to go. Sarah looked at him softly. Her lover`s face is getting closer. Barely far away. Suddenly, Tari`s watery face appeared in his head. “No more,” Bian said, tidying up the box, about to get up. But Sarah prevented it.

“Okay, here we go. But I can assure you that it will not happen. And the last woman was Melati. Sweet girl with a million charms and kindnesses. His kindness even outweighed the kindness of these three women. And with her kindness, she managed to melt the heart of a little man like Alex Richard, cousin of her best friends Louis Williams and Gabe Jhonson. Even if the fool ended up making a mistake and Melati let him go. Melati`s fight is difficult. But this hard woman has never given up on anything. That`s why she respects her, even though she`s four years older.

. As soon as I heard the producer`s call, I immediately removed my co-star`s hand. She was, Jessica Fareikh. She was also an actress and a photo model. “What`s wrong with you? Vertigo? “Tari asked, seeing her husband`s pale face. The dance turned around while he was holding clothes to get dried. He`s waiting for Bian to talk. “Did I do anything wrong?” asked Sarah as Bian came down. After the turn on board, Tari screams loudly, while the boat swings very high.

When he goes down, he always holds his chest while hammering. “It`s so exciting!” “Go down slowly,” Sarah says when Bian has opened her knots. “I`m sorry,” Tari said, wiping away tears. “So uncomfortable.” I laugh when I hear my brother Harry being called by his employees who look older than him. Bian was clumsy when Sarah approached him. Instead of being happy, he felt something was wrong. “You don`t need to prepare for tomorrow?” he asked. . The dance is trying to smile.

“I`m fine. Can we go home? “Nggg.” Sarah hesitated to say. Bian was friendly with her, but not today. “Sit down, I miss you, I haven`t seen you in days.” “Let`s go to the dolls` palace first, let the headaches go away,” Tari said. Bian gently wiped his face. No, he can`t compare Sarah to Tari. She has known her boyfriend since they went to university. And he`s already asked Sarah to wait for him. He has to keep his promise. Bian growls slowly. He turned around and walked on the front porch.