Merger Agreement Marketing Period

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with the exception of the sale of ancillary land, Landesbank must, prior to the sale of land, (a) market the property to the general public for at least ten (10) days through a public website, multiple Listing Service (MLS) or other public marketing platform (“Mini Public Marketing Period”); or b) obtain the authorization of the executive committee for transportation without providing for the minimum duration of public marketing (“Marketing Waiver”). However, for the sake of completeness, all of Apollo`s assertions below are set out in their entirety, as well as the contractual provisions that are sufficient to understand them.1. Although the merger agreement is not contingent on financing, it provides for a 20-day marketing period during which Apollo`s financial banks will be able to market the debts by which Apollo wanted to finance the merger. Post Lottery / Marketing.] The new lottery can only be completed after the end of the 60-day marketing period. First lottery of 60-day marketing sales of at least 60 days (starts with the publication of the first announcement, ending on the application due date) is described sec 3.1 application distribution during the marketing session information period during the first lottery 60 days Of marketingperiod a session will be held one day of the week; additional meetings. The list of tenants generated by the initial lottery is used for the first rental or for the occupancy of rental positions in units included in the general advertising and the 60-day marketing period of the initial lottery, provided that the affordable units are available for occupancy within 6 months of the initial lottery.