Data Protection Agreement Abbreviation

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(e) to process without delay and formal any request from the exporter of data concerning the processing of personal data subject to transmission and to comply with the advice of the supervisory authority when processing the transmitted data; 2.1 This privacy statement governs the processing of personal data only on the basis of purposes and for the duration of the provision of SumUp gift card or related services, depending on the additional conditions. (j) to provide the data exporter with a copy of a subcontract that it enters into in accordance with the terms. 5.2 The data processor must enter into a written contract with each subprocessor with data protection, privacy and data security obligations, which are essentially at least equivalent to those in the agreement in principle (including this agreement). The data processor is responsible for any action or omission of a subprocessor, as if it were acts or omissions of the data transformer. All information that is under the tutelage, retention or control of a subprocessor is placed under the tutelage, obse or control of the data transformer. The data protection provisions relating to contract sub-processing covered by paragraph 1 are governed by the law of the Member State in which the data exporter is established. The data importer and subcontractor guarantee, at the request of the data exporter and/or the supervisory authority, that they submit their computer facilities to review the measures covered in paragraph 1. References to the customer, the company and the parties have the same meaning as what is defined under the conditions. References to the “data processor” in this agreement relate to the company. 10.2 After the use of gift card services is terminated and SumUp is not required to retain your customers` data in accordance with the additional conditions and/or conditions of SumUp, an agreement or applicable law, SumUp will delete personal data as soon as possible, in accordance with The terms and conditions of SumUp` applicable laws. 11.

Miscellaneous. 5.2 SumUp, as a personal data processor, will assist you in fulfilling your reporting obligations in accordance with Articles 33 and 34 of the RGPD, will provide you with information about the breach that we may reasonably disclose to you, given the nature of the gift card services, the information we have and any restrictions on disclosure of information, such as confidentiality.B. Despite the above, SumUp`s obligations under this section do not apply to the incidents you have caused, your account activities and/or third-party services. SumUp has an obligation to cooperate and help you investigate, minimize negative consequences and correct personal data breaches and prevent similar future data breaches. (f) at the request of the data exporter, to present its data processing services for the review of processing activities covered by the clauses, carried out by the data exporter or by a supervisory body composed of independent members and holding the required professional qualifications, which are bound by a confidentiality obligation, possibly selected by the data exporter in agreement with the supervisory authority; The parties agree that the supervisory authority has the right to conduct a check on the data importer and a subprocessor that has the same scope and is subject to the same conditions as in the case of a data exporter`s control in accordance with existing data protection legislation. This `DPA`, which contains the standard contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission, completes all existing and current agreements between Gigamon Inc. and/or their subsidiaries (together, “Gigamon” or “Vendor” or “Data Importr” or “Processor” with their main location of activity at 3300 Olcott Street, Santa Clara, CA 95054, U.S.A. and Gigamon Insight (“customer” or “data exporter” or “controller”) regarding the terms of the