Akhir Cerita Film Wedding Agreement

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Bian gives Tari a stamp piece arrangement so they don`t care about other lives, and if they have 1 year, they`ll divorce, occupy separate spaces, and Tari is forbidden to enter Bian`s private area. Bian argued that because she didn`t like Tari, Bian was previously engaged to Sarah (told in the novel, which was later canceled because Mom didn`t like Sarah Bian). This shocked Tari and did not accept because the marriage was not to be played, Bian also challenged Tari if she could not accept the divorce from the religious court. Tari tries to be patient in preparing Bian`s needs and preparing Soto Betawi foods, although Bian never wants to eat it. Friend, Tari`s best friend, who behaves strangely and enjoys skateboarding, advises Tari to follow Bian`s will so as not to become a burden on Tari`s mind. It`s also interesting there`s this movie, I also had an underestimate. But in fact, many friends also say that the movie is good, um, who said that the story is good so in Wattpad is also a lot of hell, but I rarely read Wattpad other flaws in this movie is about the script. At the beginning of the film, in the practice of matchmaking, a woman cannot fight in this modern era, while the man with whom she is tainted turns out to want only a simulated marriage. The motivation of Btari`s desire to maintain her marriage because she maintains the good reputation and religious factors of the family is indeed a strong motivation and refers to the state of society. Another thing is the turning point of Byan`s character, which seems brief and does not gradually intensify.

Both are worrisome flaws, although not as disturbing as the last quarter of the film, worked with a ftv-like quality, which gives a bad impression at the end of the film. I haven`t seen this movie yet, but I`ve read the reviews several times. Interesting, indeed, because I was with the son of a man`s best friend of 🙂 Married, you also want to see the film after reading Mrs. Marita`s review. Bian then explained to Tari, upon her return, that it was Sarah who came to unsercited. Tari does not try to take care of it and intends to go to Bandung with her best friend, Friend. Even though Bian asked him not to leave because there was a family event with Bian.